Yogi Thinkings ~~~

april 18

I did two advanced level classes and recorded them! I have been feeling into my own physical body in the last two days. It's a wonder when I find myself lost in the flow and my focus is fluidly only on the poses and how I'm physically feeling. We ended up in a chin stand at one point and I've never done that pose. Didn't do it today either LOL but we are working to it as always.

april 10

I've been thinking about epxloring the other aspects of yoga beyond the poses. I have been practicing yoga since January 2021. I joined a discord for people who do the same instructor (Kirra ) and they started a book club last month reading Yoke by Jessamyn Stanley and I borrowed it from the library but haven't been listening. I want to ensure that I am learning intentionally and respectfully. I think about this when my go-to instructor is a white woman. Aditi is another go-to but the discussion of awareness and consciousness I can really only find in Kirra's classes.

Current goals:

  • floating!
  • handstand
  • bind w/ the left arm up